Therapy Services in Minneapolis

Therapy services support people in changing unhelpful patterns and behaviors which negatively contribute to their lives and their relationships.

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It is a safe haven, a place where people can open up and talk to a trusted professional. The therapy process helps people feel supported and understood and teaches effective coping skills and communication tools. Learning new skills and feeling supported is a one-two punch that helps reduce feelings of isolation as well as increase self-esteem. Therapy services can make all the difference in the world!


As individuals, we often replicate unhelpful patterns and dynamics from our families of origin and bring them into our adult relationships with our partners, our friends, and even our colleagues. Therapy helps you identify relationship patterns and empowers you with a choice: keep those old, unhelpful patterns … or work with a therapist to create new ones that will be more useful!

  In therapy we aim for self-compassion (Am I human?) versus self-esteem (a judgment: Am I good or bad?).  — Lori Gottlieb   


Learning Why

Firstly, is get some insight into your relationship patterns. Not much can change if you don’t identify working, so it’s at the beginning for a reason! Together we explore your family of origin (the family you were raised in) and find relationship patterns that might be getting in your way.


Working Through

There is a lot to be said for experiencing the very real emotions that often accompany insight; it is important to grieve the past. Emotional wounds might hurt when getting cleaned, but often cleaning the wound is necessary in order to heal properly. Therapy is a  safe place for this healing process.


Applying Insight

Now comes the fun part! This is when you get to start practicing new skills and doing things differently so that you can get the positive outcomes you want. We are your accountability coaches: we will encourage you, as well as gently challenge you, every step of the way while you hone your new relational skills.

Together, we can get you more connected to yourself, and on the path to the quality relationships that you deserve. See what therapy can do for you!

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