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I help women live their best life by creating the space for them to get in touch with their authentic self, take clear action to reach their goals, and learn to listen to their inner voice.

I also support couples who are feeling disconnected from each other. Maybe some of your communication has gotten rusty or, something new has cropped up that you’re having trouble dealing with effectively and you are spiraling into angry arguments that feel awful. Well, join me, as we pull up a couch …

Periods of disconnection occur in even the strongest relationships. What I offer is space where you can have deeper conversations than life usually allows. I’ll help you learn how to communicate assertively and remain steady during challenging communication – as well as give you the couple skills to back you up! 

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  Relationship Insights Helps You Get to the Heart of the Matter.   

In our work together, you will increase your confidence – in yourself and in your relationships – get concrete skills as well as lots of warm support. Mindfulness and awareness are key items to have in your emotional tool-kit, and both will help your relationships THRIVE.

I have a passion for supporting women (and men!) accept and respect the body they are in. Intuitive eating, body awareness and joy-filled movement are just some of the concepts & tools I share with my clients to support them. Life gets easier when you are more at home in your body, so together we’ll figure out how to declare a truce with the body you’re in.

  Three things Nicole lives by: MODERATION, VARIETY, and BALANCE.   


Clients have said that I am genuine, non-judgmental, wholeHEARTed (Brené Brown is so relatable!), and a good mix of easy-going & warmly direct. I love using humor to ease things up when the work get’s tough. I am passionate about helping people meet their goals and at the same time I hold space for the really difficult conversations – I am truly honored that my clients say that they feel safe with me.

I live in NorthEast with my husband, two rescue dogs, and a kitty. I am an avid crocheter, love to travel (Boulder CO is my favorite and the mountains are its North Star), and am fascinated by real-life crime shows. I’ve wanted to be a therapist since I was 12 years old and a peer counselor, when I thought to myself, “helping people is amazing. I want to do that!”


  Favorite therapy books: Running on Empty,
by Janice Webb and Eating by the Light of the Moon, by Anita Johnston.   


Nicole Pattee, LICSW is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.

Nicole’s Fees:
$150 per session
Initial session is an additional $20

Nicole is Currently Accepting New Clients!
She has weekday morning, afternoon & evening availability, reach out and get started now!