I support and empower people to bravely move through the complex transitions that come up in their lives; transitions like inner growth, divorce, shifting away from codependency, and the stress and fear that is happening because of Covid.

Transitions, especially with relationships, can be painful and you can get discouraged. But, pain in our lives can often be the necessary CATALYST for empowerment and growth.

If you are dealing with challenges in your marriage or partnership, losing yourself in a relationship, feeling disconnected, or struggling with the “new normal” of this never-ending pandemic – you’ve come to the right place.


I am a Relationship Therapist … but you could actually call me your partner in self-reflection. I am compassionate, warm, down to earth, and have a ton of empathy for how we deal with the complexities of relationships and transitions. I bring a healthy dose of humor to the work that we do in therapy. Working on yourself can be hard, so why make it harder than it already is.

I’ve had my own struggles in relationships. So, I got down to business. I got committed to self-reflection. I gathered my courage. I got myself into regular therapy and dealt with my codependency patterns. I focused on myself, and put my energy there, instead of focusing on others. It took longer than I wanted it to, but let me tell you – I was worth the wait.

I live in South Minneapolis and love walking the lakes and trails. I was an actor in my last chapter, and am so thankful to have found work that connects with people’s stories and presence in a similar way. I am socially conscious, LGBTQ friendly, and do my best to work on being aware of my privilege and how it affects the world around me.

Relationships, Codependency, Boundaries, Communication, Transitions, Grief, Divorce, Separation, Relationship Doubts, Feeling Stuck, Low Self Esteem, Stress, Anxiety, Mood Deterioration, Menopause, Systemic Inequities, Pandemic Stress, and Loss.

Jen’s Fees:
$205 per session
The initial session is an additional $20
Jen is accepting new clients, though she has very limited availability.