(Angelica is accepting new clients on weekdays, some evenings & every other saturday a.m.)

In our work together we take a deep dive into exploring relationships, meaning, and work, as well as consider where you fit into the bigger picture of life.

There’s a lot happening for us right now, and it can often feel like a crisis of sorts. It’s easy to wonder, “Am I fulfilling what I want or need to? Am I doing enough?”

It can feel a bit like the imposter syndrome where you’re hustling for acceptance and at the same time doubting yourself. Yes … the struggle is for sure real!

Work with me and we’ll get crystal clear on your goals and create a solid action plan to improve your relationships, work, and quality of life. And, last but not least, you’ll learn how to empower yourself and feel more confident.

  Relationship Insights Helps You Get to the Heart of the Matter.   

If you’re a woman seeking therapy, you’ll get connected to yourself and who you are at the core, so you can live the life you want to live! In our work together, we sort through the myriad roles that women are expected to uphold. Insight will create a path to discover your ideal work, life and social balance, and figure out what you can do in your life that will make you more YOU.

I support couples who are struggling with disconnection, conflict, and ineffective communication, as well as addiction and recovery. If you have been together for a while, we figure out how to remember what sparked the joy in each of you in the first place. If your relationship is on the newer side, I help you start your commitment on the right foot and be successful as a couple right out of the gate. No matter where you are in the process of partnership, learning new skills will help you get connected and communicate way more effectively.

  Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change
–Brene Brown   

As a man, chances are you aren’t always encouraged to understand your emotional world. I support men who are new to exploring their feelings about life, relationships, work, as well as active addiction or recovery. For a lot of men exploring your own emotional landscape might feel like unfamiliar territory. Well, it is ok to explore your feelings. And, not only is it ok, understanding your emotions increases connection, meaning and quality of life. It also increases success in work, play, romantic relationships, friendships, and family.

I believe that relationships are a powerful force in the experience of being human, no matter the nature of the connection. We are social animals and we forget that it’s hard to do it alone. The people in our life can bring us so much joy. My clients learn insight and tools that help them honor the relationships in their lives, be there for others, and let others be there for them.

Clients have said that I am curious, funny, and at the same time offer a calm and thoughtful presence. I am passionate about helping clients dive deep into what makes them tick so that they can make the clear choices that will get them where they want to go. I like to use humor in session to take the weight off for a moment – therapy isn’t all hard work, it can be fun, too!

  Three things Angelica lives by: CREATIVITY, CONNECTION,

Longfellow is where I currently call home, with my partner and one very energetic pup. In the summer I try to be outside as much as humanly possible, though TV shows and movies are definitely a part of my self care. I’m a big knitter in the winter and am currently on the lookout for a winter sport that will propel me out from under a pile of warm blankets.

People’s stories amaze me! I actually considered studying film because I love them so much. Being a therapist is a tangible way of supporting clients make sense of who they are by exploring their story. What’s more, I get to help client reach their goals and find their own authentic version of happiness and calm.

  Favorite therapy books: Already Enough by Lisa Olivera and Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents by Lindsay C. Gibson   


Angelica Belko is working towards her Licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is under the supervision of Justine Mastin, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Angelica’s Fees:
$130 per session, some sliding scale available
The initial session is an additional $20

Angelica is Currently Accepting New Clients!
She has afternoons, some evenings, and Every Other Saturday morning availability, so reach out and get started now!