COST OF THERAPY each therapy session is 50 minutes long and is called a regular therapy hour. The cost is dependent upon which therapist you choose to work with, and is as follows:

Angelica Belko, MA, LAMFT: $130 per session, some sliding scale available
Kristi Granacher, MA: $155 per session
Jen Rives, MA, LMFT: $205 per session
Nicole Pattee, MSW, LICSW: $150 per session

INTAKE SESSION all new clients begin with an Intake Session, which is an additional $20.

PAYMENT all session fees are due at the time of service. Since our services are currently online-only, all payment is by credit card or health savings card. All charges are the responsibility of the client.

INSURANCE we offer fee-for-service therapy services, which means we don’t accept in-network insurance. We do that for a variety of reasons; the main reason is to avoid a mental health diagnosis from the DSM-V-TR. With a fee-for-service provider, clients do not have to receive a diagnosis, so that what happens in our work together is shared between us, instead of with an insurance company. Many clients prefer the privacy of a fee-for-service provider because it prevents insurance companies from accessing treatment plans, case notes, and other important, private mental health information, as well as it is not in their permanent record.

If insurance is the only way to get the support you need, you can talk to your insurance provider about out-of-network options to see if our work together would be partially reimbursed. The following therapists are able to provide a receipt for these purposes:

  • Angelica Belko, MA, LAMFT
  • Kristi Granacher, MA, LAMFT
  • Jen Rives, MA, LMFT
  • Nicole Pattee, MSW, LICSW

Please keep in mind that the receipt has to include a legitimate, applicable mental health disorder diagnosis (for example adjustment disorder, substance dependence, or depression) and that many providers don’t cover couple’s therapy.

HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTS the cost of counseling may be able to come out of a Health Savings Account, or Flex Spending Account. Please speak with your provider to determine requirements. We are happy to provide you with a receipt.

LATE CANCELLATION & NO SHOW POLICY we require a 24-hour cancellation notice for any scheduled appointments unless there is an emergency. If you don’t notify your therapist at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full session fee before the next appointment. Your credit card information is collected at the beginning of therapy services to ensure that the cancelation fee is paid.

Therapeutically, late-cancel fees keep clients accountable to their own self-care commitments, of which therapy is a part. It also keeps a reasonable level of availability for clients to access the therapy that they need. Late-cancels and no-shows take valuable time away from other clients because they cannot be scheduled for that hour.

LATE POLICY clients who are late to scheduled appointments will be charged at the regular price of therapy, as stated above in the Cost of Therapy section.

NOTE: the price of therapy may change. We make every effort to work with existing clients, who will be alerted in advance of any fee increases.

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