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7 Types of People Your Parents Warned You About And, Boy Were They Wrong

Jen Rives, LMFT shares her thoughts with Katie Dupere from Swipe Life about parent’s discomfort with their children’s dating lives ….

“Sadly, parents’ fears about who their kids hang out with seems to be an age-old problem that simply shapeshifts with each new generation,” says Jen Rives, MA, LMFT. “Parents have an instinct to make sure their children are protected, happy, and successful. Combine that instinct with another human instinct of mistrusting ‘otherness,’ and you get a lot of fear.”


How Should You Handle the Question of Having Kids

Jen Rives, LMFT shares her thoughts with Rewire about how to handle the questions of having children ….

Though expectations about our paths are changing, it seems like there will always be those people in our lives who want to make sure we’re on track with what they’ve always hoped for us.


The Hidden Health Hazards of Wedding Planning

Jen Rives, LMFT shares her thoughts with Rewire about the health hazards of planning a wedding ….

Making a wedding happen can be a lot of work, and more emotional than you’d expect. Outside expectations and pressures can easily suck the enjoyment right out of the whole wedding planning process. More importantly, wedding stressors can be harmful to your health.


The Importance of Being Single

Jen Rives, LMFT talks about the rewards of being single with Rewire ….

Whether you’re happily or begrudgingly single, spending time uncoupled can be incredibly good for the soul—you can learn things about yourself that will help you the rest of your life, as well as in your future relationships.


Parents Dislike Your Partner? How to Move Forward

Jen Rives, LMFT spoke to Rewire and offered some tips to help navigate life when your parents dislike your partner ….

You love your partner and want to stand by them, but you also love your parents. What should you do?

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“A therapy practice with a ‘relationship think tank twist.’ If you have time, financial resources and emotional resources, the payoff of therapy is enormous,” she said. “You get better at relationships, and relationships are what life is all about.”