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There are a lots of barriers when looking for that special someone.
When you are dating, Singles Therapy helps you break down the barriers.

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Dating is hard! Seems like fear, old emotional wounds, insecurities, and negative beliefs have a way of tripping you up.

In addition, the roller coaster of looking for someone special is not always a fun ride. First of all, the evenings of dud-filled dates are depressing. Secondly, being the only single at friends’ weddings is awkward. And, let’s not forget the quality of the dating pool!

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Furthermore, you feel light years away from the confident person you know you can be. Since you’re in the dating trenches, you are thrown off your center.

Since you’re so discouraged about the possibility of a relationship, you feel hesitant and insecure. As a result, you obsess about finding that perfect person that you know must be out there.

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So, here comes the real “dating advice.” It may seem unsexy, but, in order to find the healthy relationship you want, you have to have one with yourself. Therefore, you need to get down to some good, hard work on you. As a result, you’ll be ready for the healthy relationship when it comes!

Because, you are worthy of your own attention.

Most of all, singles therapy will help you start with yourself. As a result, you will get so much closer to what you want: a healthy romantic partnership.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.
Maya Angelou   


So, this doesn’t mean that the person you want will magically appear. Rather, you will be ready when they finally do. In the mean time, you don’t have focus so much on searching for the one. Most of all, you can enjoy your life and your own company.

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